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A Good Book with a Bad Cover
by Sophie L. Nagelberg

Green Nails

A review of Green Nails and Other Acts of Rebellion: Life After Loss by Elaine Soloway, due to be published on September 16, 2014

This may sound harsh, upfront, but bear with me because it gets better. I’ll go ahead and say this: based on the cover design or title of this book alone, I never would have picked up a copy of Green Nails and Other Acts of Rebellion (She Writes Press). The pink font, the green smudge of nail polish, and the title in itself — it all feels trite, like something you might pick up in the airport gift shop and toss after the returning flight. I might expect some gossip-ridden drama based loosely on the life of an interchangeable author. We’ve all seen memoirs like this, right? Maybe it’s even thrown into that genre called chic-lit, which is a whole other topic I ought not to get started on. Ugh. Continue reading

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