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Urban Sandbox (Teen Friendly!)

In its 11th year, an all-ages and multi-canvassed open mic that features poets, emcees, musicians, comedians, solo-artists, puppeteers, and more, with an emphasis on giving young artists a place to take stage, hang out, and interact with established artists outside of the student/teacher paradigm. Hosted by curator and co-founder Dan “Sully” Sullivan. Voice of the City Studio | 3429 W Diversey Ave | $6 suggested donation | All ages | 8-10pm every second Thursday of the month | Website

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Encyclopedia Show for the Metrophobic
by Alba Machado

While figuring out how best to present sixth graders with poems last year, I discovered that the fear of poetry had become so common that a medical term was coined for it by the American Psychiatric Association: metrophobia. Many people feel that you have to be highly educated to understand poetry and highly pretentious to appreciate it. Its themes seem too lofty, its language grandiose, its structure complex and confusing.

Tonight at the Vittum Theatre, it’s apparent that no one in Chicago need suffer from metrophobia any longer. It’s nothing a single treatment of The Encyclopedia Show can’t fix.

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